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Man O' War
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Big Red's Race Record

Below you will find Big Red's race record. He won 20 of 21 races and was a superstar on the track! I hope you enjoy!!!!!

19192109100$ 83,325

This is almost the complete chart. I got this information out of the Thoroughbred Legends book on Man o'War by Edward L. Bowen. Enjoy.

2 Year Old Season, 1919
Date #/Track Cond/Length Split 1 2 3 4 Race Name Jockey Weight W/P/S Comments
6/6 6/Bel fst/5F-Str---:59Md Sp WtLoftus J115Man o'War(6), Retrieve, NeddamEasily
6/9 4/Bel sl/5 1/2F-Str---1:05.3Keene MemLoftus J115Man o'War(3), On Watch, AnniversaryDrew Away
6/21 3/Jam gd/5 1/2F:23.1:47.31:00.11:06.3YouthfulLoftus J120Man o'War(2 1/2), On Watch, LdyBrummlEasiing final 16th
6/23 3/Aqu fst/5F---1:01.3HudsonLoftus J130Man o'War(1 1/2), Violet Tip, ShoalBroke thru barrier
7/5 3/Aqu fst/6F:23.3:47.2-1:13TremontLoftus J130Man o'War(1), Ralco, Ace of AcesNever Extended
8/2 3/Sar fst/6F:23:47.1-1:12.2U S HotelLoftus J130Man o'War(2), Upset, HomelyEased Final 16th
8/13 4/Sar fst/6F:23.146.4-1:11.1Sanford MemorialLoftus J130Upset(1/2), Man o'War, Golden BroomSlow start, gaining
8/23 3/Sar fst/6F:22.3:46.2-1:12Grand Union HotelLoftus J130Man o'War(1), Upset, BlazesEased final 16th
8/30 3/Sar sl/6F:23:47-1:13HopefulLoftus J130Man o'War(4), Cleopatra, ConstancyEased final 16th
9/13 3/Bel fst/6F-Str---1:11.3FuturityLoftus J127Man o'War(1 1/2), John P. Grier, DominiqueEased final 16th

3 Year Old Season, 1920
Date #/Track Cond/Length Split 1 2 3 4 Race Name Jockey Weight W/P/S Comments
5/18 4/Pim gd/1 1/8mil:47.31:12.21:38.11:51.3PreaknessKummer C126Man o'War(1 1/2), Upset, WildairSpeed in Reserve
5/294/Belfst/1mil:24:47.11:111:35.4WithersKummer C118Man o'War(2), Wildair, David HarumWon under Pull
6/124/Belfst/1 3/8???2:14.1BelmontKummer C126Man o'War(20), DonnoconaTaken up final 1/16
6/224/Jamgd/1mil:25.3:491:14.11:41.3Stuyvesant HKummer C135Man o'War(8), YellowhandEased Final 1/8
7/104/Aqufst/1 1/8:461:09.31:361:49.1DwyerKummer C126Man o'War(1 1/2), John P. GrierHard Ridden,drew away
8/74/Sarfst/1 3/16:48.11:12.41:37.41:56.3MillerSande E131Man o'War(6), Donnocona, King AlbertNever extended
8/214/Sarfst/1 1/4:46.31:101:35.32:01.4TraversSchuttinger A129Man o'War(2 1/2), Upset, John P. GrierRestrained in Str
9/44/Belfst/1 5/8:47.42:03.32:28.42:40.4Lawrence Realiz.Kummer C126Man o'War(100), HoodwinkRestrained at end
9/114/Belfst/1 1/2:49.31:14.12:03.22:28.4Jockey ClubKummer C118Man o'War(15), DamaskUnder A Pull
9/185/HdGfst/1 1/16:23:47.31:11.31:44.4Potoman HKummer C138Man o'War(1 1/2), Wildair, BlazesRestrained at end
10/124/Knwfst/1 1/4:46.21:1141:37.22:03Ken Park Gold CupKummer C120Man o'War(7), Sir BartonNever Extended

Man O'War defeating Sir Barton in the Match Race
Fuestal and Riddle celebrate Man O'Wars defeat of Sir Barton

Man o' War defeating John P. Grier in the Dwyer Stakes

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