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TBGreats.com provides visitors with a network of site on famous racehorses. These sites contain most information you could ever want on that horse, including a full biography, race records, mini bio's on the connections to the horse (trainer, breeder, owner, etc), pedigree and more. We are continually working on putting up new sites.

A new idea in the works is to add profiles to the site on jockeys, trainers, owners, breeders and even grooms! This will give our visitors an even deeper look into their favorite horses!

The Sites

  • Man o' War - Arguably the greatest racehorse to ever set foot on the track. He won 20 of 21 races and 1919-1920, and left his competition in the dust!
  • Ruffian - A tremendous filly who flew past her competition without a thought. Her young career was brought to a screeching halt during the colt vs. filly match race of a lifetime.
  • Cigar - Cigar accomplished an almost impossible feat; winning 16 stakes races in a row, and amassing close to $10 million dollars in the process. Read all about this amazing horse that was dubbed, "America's Horse".
  • Seabiscuit - A small, awful looking colt that did nothing the beginning of his career. But when a new trainer, owner and rider came together, they created a monster on the track! Follow Seabiscuit's incredible journey to stardom!
  • Regret - The first filly to ever win the Kentucky Derby lives on in this website! Shegave the boys a run for their money, and she was never beaten by another female horse!

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