Seabiscuit's Race Record

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Seabiscuit and War Admiral

Seabiscuit ran in a total of 89 races, the following highlights are of his stakes races in which he Won, Placed or Showed.

It should be noted that Biscuit started off as just a marginal racer, racing in the low claiming ranks. It was around 1936 that he began to pick up, and then he tore up the track in 1937 and 1938. He was a hardy little horse that was given a chance, and he proved himself time and time again.

Year Age Starts Wins Place Show Earnings
1935 2 35 5 7 5 $12,150
1936 3 23 9 1 5 28,995
1937 4 15 11 2 1 168,580
1938 5 11 6 4 1 130,395
1939 6 1 0 1 1 400
1940 7 4 2 0 1 96,850
Total 89 33 15 13 $437,740

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Racing Highlights

At 7:


San Antonio H. at Santa Anita by 2 3/4 over Kayak II
Santa Anita H. at Santa Anita by 1 1/2 over KAYAK II

At 5:


Pimlico Special at Pimlico by 4 over War Admiral
Havre De Grace H. at Havre De Grace by 2 1/2 over Savage Beauty
Match Race at Del Mar by nose over Ligarotti
Hollywood Gold Cup at Hollywood by 1 1/2 over Specify
Bay Meadows H at Bay Meadows by 3 over Gosum
Agua Caliente H at Agua Caliente by 2 over Gray Jack.


Laurel Handicapp
Stars and Stripes Handicap
Santa Anita Handicao
San Antonio Handicapp


Manhattan Handicap

At 4:


Riggs H at Pimlico by neck over Burning Star
Laurel Stakes at Laurel bu 1 1/2 over Heelfly
Continental H at Jamaica by 5 over Caballero II
Massachusetts H at Suffolk Downs by 1 over Caballero II
Yonkers H at EMP by 4 over Jesting
Butler H at EMP by nose over Thorson
Brooklyn H at Aqueduct by a nose over Aneroid
Bay Meadows H at Bay Meadows by 1 1/4 over Exhibit
Marchbank H at TAN by 3 over Grand Manitou
S Juan Capistano H at Santa Anita by 7 over Grand Manitou


Bowie Handicapp
Santa Anita Handicapp


Naragansett Special Handicapp

At 3:


World's Fair H at Bay Meadows by 5 over Wildland
Bay Bridge H at Bay Meadows by 5 over Uppermost
Scarsdale H at EMP by nose over Jesting
Hendrie H at DET by 4 over Christate
Governer's H at DET by neck over Professor Paul
Handicapp at Saratoga by 4 over Treford


No Highlights


Yorktown Handicapp
East Hills Handicapp
Western Hills Handicapp

At 2:


Ardsley H at EMP by 3 over Neap
Springfield H at AGM by 1 over Bright Plummage

Seabiscuit with G. Woolf up

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