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There is only word to describe Ruffian, Great. This fearless filly tried her guts out everytime she raced. She captured the hearts of thousand of fans who came to the racetrack specifically to see her. In one of racing's greatest decades, the 70's, Ruffian emerged as a true hero.

On the fateful day of Ruffian's match race with another legend, Foolish Pleasure, the racing community and fans alike were full of sadness as Ruffian broke down during the race. The match race was one of the biggest races dubbing Boy against Girl porportions and attracting fans who had never watched a horse race.

Click HERE for a gallery of photos of Ruffian from ChampionsGallery.com.

This page is part of the Thoroughbred Greats series, a series of web-sites designed by Liz. On this particular site, credit is also given to Raelyn Mezger for her work on writing the biography.

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