Ruffian's Race Record

Ruffian's race record was a testament of her heart. She led at every call in everyone of her races, she was alwasy first. She won 10 of the 10 races she finished, and only was unplaced in one race, the match race with Foolish Pleasure in which she tragically broke down.

For a full Race Record Chart please go here: Ruffian's Full Race Record.

Year Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Unp. Earnings
1974 2 5 5 0 0 0 $134,073
1975 3 6 5 0 0 1 $179,335
Total 11 10 10 0 1 $313,408

Stakes Record

at 2:
Fashion Stakes - Won (Equalled Track Record)
Astoria Stakes - Won (Equalled Track Record)
Sorority Stakes - Won (New Stakes Record)
Spinaway Stakes - Won (New Stakes Record)
Champion 2yo Filly

at 3:
Comely Stakes - Won (New Stakes Record)
Acorn Stakes - Won (New Stakes Record)
Mother Goose Stakes - Won (New Stakes Record)
Coaching Club American Oaks - Won (Equalled Stakes Record)
Champion 3yo Filly

2 Year Old Season, 1974
Date #/Track Cond/Length Split 1 2 3 4 Race Name Jockey Weight W/P/S Comments
5/22 3/Bel fst/5 1/2f22.145571:03Md Sp Wt(F)Vasquez J116Ruffian(15), Suzest, Garden QuadRidden Out
6/12 8/Bel fst/5 1/2F22.245.1571:03(F)Fashion-G3Vasquez J117Ruffian(6 3/4), Corpernica, Jan VerzalRidden Out
7/10 8/Aqu fst/5 1/2F21.444.256.21:02.4(F)Astoria-G3Bracciale V Jr118Ruffian(9), Laughin Bridge, Our Dancing GirlSpeed to spare
7/27 8/Mth fst/6F21.344.1-1:09.0(F)Sorority-G3Vasquez J119Ruffian(2 1/4), Hot n Nasty, Stream AcrossDriving
8/23 8/Sar fst/6F:22.1:44.4-1:08.3(F)Spinaway-G1Bracciale V Jr120Ruffian(12 3/4), Laughing Bridge, Scottish MelodyEasily

3 Year Old Season, 1975
Date #/Track Cond/Length Split 1 2 3 4 Race Name Jockey Weight W/P/S Comments
4/14 8/Aqu fst/6f23.045.4-1:09.2(F)Alw 20000Vasquez J122Ruffian(4 3/4), Sir Ivor's Sorrow, ChanneletteEasily
4/30 8/Aqu fst/7f22.445.01:08.41:21.1(F)Comely-G3Vasquez J113Ruffian(7 3/4), Aunt Jin, Point in TimeSlow Start, handily
5/10 8/Aqu fst/1m23.245.31:09.31:34.2(F)Acorn-G1Vasquez J121Ruffian(8 1/4), Somethingregal, Gallant TrialIn hand
5/31 8/Aqu fst/1 1/8m47.31:11.31:35.31:47.4(F)Mother Goose-G1Vasquez J121Ruffian(13 1/2), Sweet Old Girl, SunandSnowEasy score
6/21 8/Bel fst/1 1/2m49.01:13.22:03.12:27.4(F)C C A Oaks-G1Bracciale V Jr121Ruffian(2 3/4), Equal Change, LtMLngrConfidently Ridden
7/6 8/Bel fst/1 1/4m44.31:08.31:35.22:02.4Match Race 350kVasquez J121Foolish Pleasure(126)Broke Down

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