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Thoroughbred Greats (TBGreats.com) was founded on January 28, 2003. However, that is not the start to the story. A few years before that it was a stand alone webpage based solely on the great racehorse, Man o' War. The webmaster, Liz Asci, had read the Walter Farley book on this horse and fell in love! The Man o' War site was hosted for free on Geocities.com and was created around 1999.

After the inception of the Man o' War site, I began getting e-mails from visitors to create more sites on other famous racers. I created the Ruffian website next. At this point I was entering my Freshman year of college at UMass-Amherst, and figured it would be time to get a ".com".

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TBGreats.com was then created and I added more sites to the network. I put a poll up on the main page and let the visitors vote on the next horses to have sites. The winning horses were Seabiscuit and Cigar. Following them, I felt another filly needed to be represented, so again the visitors were polled and Regret was chosen.

The website has been left stagnant now for a few years as I graduated college, owned a business, went back to school, etc. So now, as 2011 closes I am looking to revamp the site and add content.

About the People

Liz Asci - I have loved horse racing ever since I watched Real Quiet in his 1998 Triple Crown races. It was heartbreaking when he lost to Victory Gallop by a HAIR in the Belmont!

I am a graduate of UMass-Amherst with a B.S. in Resource Economics. I am also a registered Radiologic Technologist. I reside in Massachusetts.

Rae Drews - Rae and I met online when tbgreats.com was just opening. She offered to write the biographies for the horses that I was making the site for. That was a TREMENDOUS help as it takes a lot of research to do this. I was very greatful!

Rae and I have been to three Kentucky Derbies together and have shared our love for horseracing. We keep in contact, and she will continue to provide support and research for tbgreats.com.

She resides in New Jersey with her husband Mike.

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  • Liz Asci - Webmaster
  • Rae Drews - Biographer

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